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4 Topics All Lawyers Should Blog On

Maintaining a company blog provides two important benefits for your law firm.

First, it brings additional search engine optimization to your website by providing frequent updates for search engines, allowing your website to rank higher and appear more often in search results. Second, it provides an opportunity for prospective clients to engage with you and your brand without taking any risks, with a minimal up-front investment on your part.

Topic #1: Answer Frequently Asked Questions


Your firm likely specializes in a particular field or has an excellent track record in a particular industry. An excellent opportunity to convince a prospective client of your expertise is to provide the answer to a frequently asked question in a welcoming and clear approach. The title of this post should be the frequently asked question, which will help optimize the post in web searches as prospective clients search for the answer to that question.

Topic # 2: Share Your Particular Story


When a potential client visits your website, he or she is trying to determine if your firm is knowledgeable, approachable, and pleasant to work with. By including personal details about your firm’s lawyers, to include alma maters, examples of hobbies and interests, and personal mission statements, you allow prospective clients to get the sense that they already know your firm, and therefore increase the likelihood that they choose you.

Topic # 3: Comment on Industry Trends and Recent News


Your blog is also an opportunity to share your professional insight on current events and industry changes. This shows prospective clients that you are engaged and informed, and that you can eloquently put to words important concepts. Another benefit is increased search optimization as local citizens search for the news story on which you are providing commentary.

Topic # 4: Provide Detailed Case Studies


Detailing your case history of wins versus losses certainly has its place. But even more effective is providing anonymous case studies from your firm that show examples of professional growth, passion, and flexibility. Case studies are an opportunity to reassure prospective clients that working with your firm is a wise choice that is likely to be pleasant and successful.

Additional Possibilities

Your blog is an opportunity to make a personal connection with a prospective client. Blog topics can be quirky, professional, or boring. What’s important is to write with a purpose and to make sure your blog post meets that purpose. Are you aiming to inform prospective clients on a particular topic? Make sure the post answers that question. Looking to create a personal connection by sharing details about your staff? Stick with the theme and the post will be a success.

Example: Jackson White, Criminal Defense Law in Arizona


Focusing mainly on interesting news stories, Jackson White, Criminal Defense Lawyer, in Arizona runs an effective company blog. It is updated frequently with interesting, search engine optimized titles, and creates an approachable and informed web presence for prospective clients.

Example: The Wilson Law Firm, Virginia


Virginia’s Wilson Law Firm covers recent news stories with a friendly, informal legal perspective. The result is informative and professional commentary that increases the likelihood that a prospective client will feel comfortable engaging with this firm.

Example: Midwest Disability, Minnesota


While mixing in news stories, Midwest Disability focuses on specialty phrases and cases, such as Crohn’s Disease, to draw traffic on specialized topics and to exhibit expertise. This allows the firm to benefit from these keywords, and also establishes the fact that they are specialists in this topic — clearly the right choice for anyone local who is seeking legal support related to Crohn’s Disease.

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