Criminal Defense

Challenging Written Statements
Cross-Examining Eye Witnesses
Plea Bargaining
Plea Bargaining Forms
Pretrial Detention Hearings
Pretrial Release Conditions
Representation Agreements

Drunk Driving

Attacking Field Sobriety Tests
Attacking Widmark Calculations
California Drunk Driving Punishments
Challenging Breath Tests
Drunk Driving Cross-Examination
Drunk Driving Tipsters and California’s Public Safety Exception
DUI Jury Instructions to Argue
DUI Trial Tips
DUI Voir Dire Questions
Exclude Chemical Tests
Informal Request for Discovery from Prosecution in a DUI Case
Pattern Openings
Selecting a Favorable Jury


Defending Plaintiff’s Deposition
Deposing HR Managers
Deposing Supervisors
Employment Discrimination Juror Questionnaire
Employment Jury Instructions
Fee Arrangements with Clauses
Harassment Retaliation Deposition Questions
Requesting Documents in Employment Cases
Requesting Documents in Sexual Harassment Cases
Shaping the Unripe Case

Estate and Trust

Client Intake, with Retainer Agreement
Defective Grantor Trust
Drafting for Incapacity
Family Limited Partnerships
Foreign Trust Risks
International Asset Protection
IRS Reporting and International Asset Protection Trusts
Protecting Beneficiaries with Spendthrift Clauses
Qtip Trusts
Shifting Trusts

Family Law

Divorce Discovery Forms
Drafing the Premarital Agreement
Saving Income Taxes
Uncovering Hidden Assets
Understated Business Income


Auto Accident Interrogation
Breach of Contract: Failure to Perform
Breach of Contract Defense
Breach of Contract Defense Discovery Form
Breach of Contract Interrogation
Breach of Implied Covenant of Good Faith
Cross-Examination Strategies
Cross-Examining Experts in New York
Damage Interrogatories
Dealing with Document Requests in New York
Defending Liability Depositions
Deposing Defendant Drivers
Deposing Expert Witnesses
Deposing Health Insurers
Deposition Objections: Application of the Work-Product Privilege
Deposition Outlines
Deposition Practice Tips
Discovery Disputes
Elements of Negligence
Elements of Proof Rubric
Essential Objections Checklist
Fraud Misrepresentation Interrogation
Interference with Business Relations Interrogation
Judgment Debtor Discovery Tools
Jury Questionnaires: 4 Customizable Forms
Jury Selection for Car Accident Cases
Maximizing Damages in Closing Argument
Objecting to Hearsay
Trial Preparation: Voir Dire Diagram
Voir Dire Questions

Personal Injury

4 Case-Specific Client Interview Forms
5 Auto Accident Cross Checklists
Direct Examination Plan: Plaintiff in an Auto Accident Case

Social Security Disability

Checklist of Appeals Arguments
SSD: Initial Hearing Questions for Claimant
SSD: RFC in Musculoskeletal Impairments