Case Study: 2 Expert Users of LinkedIn

By Allen Taylor

This LinkedIn case study features two attorneys. Both are LinkedIn pros in their own right, and the lessons they have to teach about LinkedIn are identical if not similar – with a few critical differences.

Baruch C. Cohen is a bankruptcy and business litigation attorney in Los Angeles, California. He was selected by his peers to be one of the Top 100 lawyers in Southern California, making him a “Super Lawyer.” He is also the founder of American Trial Attorneys in Defense of Israel.

David A. Barrett is a general practice and civil litigation attorney in Boston, Massachusetts. He boasts of having the largest lawyer network on LinkedIn. He also trains other attorneys in social media marketing and owns/manages 20 LinkedIn groups.

This 2,600-word case study provides two extraordinarily-inspirational examples of lawyers who are thriving thanks to their early mastery of LinkedIn. Includes detailed suggestions for success.

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