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While the Twitter platform has a powerful search function at the top of every page, to get the best use from the platform, you’ll want to make use of Twitter’s Advanced Search feature.

First, navigate to This is the portal from which you can search for particular keywords, particular phrases, or groups of words to identify prospective clients who might be seeking the services of an attorney.


Depending on the structure and location of your firm, the first search you’ll want to perform is for Advanced Search > Places. This will allow you to narrow down your search for local prospective clients and competitors.

For example, if you practice law in Los Angeles, CA, searching with this location will pull up users and profiles who have identified their place of residence as “Los Angeles, CA”.


Searching for users by location is a great way to create lists of local clients, research different keywords and topics to use, or to get a sense of how your local audience uses Twitter.

To get the most out of the advanced search function, you’ll want to select a keyword or key phrase that someone might tweet if they were looking to secure an attorney.

In this example, we will search “Anyone know a lawyer?,” a question someone might ask if they were looking for a lawyer recommendation.

Enter the phrase into the “This exact phrase” search box, with your location in the “Places” option, and query.

In our example, it pulled up hundreds of responses of users seeking a lawyer recommendation near Los Angeles, CA.


Tweets such as “Anyone know a lawyer who specializes in commercial leases” from @Mike_Factory00 and “Does anyone know a lawyer in the US that can help me with a few questions” from @Keevsorger are perfect opportunities to introduce yourself, your practice, and make a connection.

If your specialty involves translation or individuals who speak English as a second language, you can also use the “Written in” search function to target local prospective clients tweeting in a particular language. Twitter currently supports 28 languages.

Reuse Your Advanced Search Query

An especially useful function of the Advanced Twitter Search is that it allows you to save your search and reference it conveniently in the future.

When you have queried your search, click on the “Settings” cog at the top of the search results, then select “Save search.”


In the future, whenever you’d like to access an updated version of this search, simply click in the search box on any page of your Twitter account and select it from the dropdown menu.


When you select the search, it will automatically search for new results, essentially refreshing your search each time you check in on it.

Click Here to Download the PDF