Case Study: How Pinterest is Working for this Top Trial Lawyer

By Allen Taylor

Pinterest is one of the newest social media sites online, but its importance cannot be overstated. Attorney Mitch Jackson is a testament to that fact.

Mitch Jackson is a personal injury attorney in Laguna Hills, California. His law firm, Jackson and Wilson, won the 2013 California Lawyer and Attorneys of the Year Award for litigation, and Mr. Jackson is recognized as one of the top 100 litigators in California. He can be found at where he blogs daily. He is active on Pinterest at and Twitter at

Mr. Jackson would like attorneys to know that Pinterest alone is not a social media strategy. He uses a multi-faceted approach to interacting with potential clients online that involves an interconnected web of social media using a variety of contextual and audiovisual tools, one of which is Pinterest.

Pinterest allows you to create pinboards. You can style your pinboards around specific interests or topics. Then you can pin images, videos, photos, or anything with a visual element and add a short summary to give your pin some context. Other Pinterest users can re-pin your pins and like them. They can also comment on those pins. Like any social media site, it’s about the connections you can make to other Pinterest users. Mitch Jackson has some great ideas for lawyers.

In addition to being a top-ranked trial lawyer, Mitch Jackson is a master social networker. Here is how he uses Pinterest together with the other networks to generate leads. 1,900 words.

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    8. How would a lawyer go about getting started with Pinterest if they wanted to increase their exposure to new potential clientele?
    9. How long after starting to use Pinterest should an attorney expect new business from his or her efforts?
    10. What other suggestions do you have for lawyers regarding attracting new clients or generating leads from using Pinterest?
    Mitch Jackson’s Pinboards include: Parting Tip