Twitter etiquette dos and don'ts

How to Succeed on Twitter

Like any type of marketing effort, there are ways to approach Twitter in order to build an audience so your Twitter account can start bringing your firm business. Here are some of the approaches you can take.

Twitter Etiquette

When you are posting on Twitter, keep in mind that you are representing the face of your business. Here are some guidelines to ensure that you are always representing yourself and your business in the best possible manner:

Twitter etiquette dos and don'ts

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Reputation Management

Twitter is an excellent tool for reputation management, as you can quickly and easily find Tweets referring to your business and head off negative reviews or comments by engaging with your audience.

Handle Complaints

Use Twitter to respond to complaints about your practice, person, or staff in your office. By responding quickly and with compassion you’ll show your followers that you care about your clients. Here’s an example:

“On hold with @NYLawyers for 20 minutes, then got cut off! Maybe I should find a new firm.” – @frustrated

“@frustrated – I’m sorry to hear you had trouble contacting us, high volume today. Send me a DM with your number and we can talk” – @yourresponse

It’s key to respond quickly; but also move the conversation off Twitter as soon as you can so you can manage the outcome more effectively.

It’s Not All About You

It’s may be tempting to only create Tweets about you, your firm, or things related to either; unfortunately this may earn you a lot of unfollows. A good rule of thumb is, for every Tweet about you, create 9 about something else. You don’t always have to create Tweets strictly related to your business or industry. The goal here is to engage with your audience on more than one level, so they keep coming back to check out what you have to say.


Excerpted from the free ebooklet Twitter for Lawyers, by Angela Heidt. Download the full ebooklet for  an in-depth guide to getting started on Twitter and creating a high-impact presence to reach potential clients.

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